Maybe it isn’t the first time that this has happened to you, but most travellers haven’t had the terrible experience of being denied boarding by an airline. You got there in time, you had your passport, boarding pass, visa, etc. Whatever they needed, you had it. You were ready, but all of the sudden, when you were at the gate waiting to board your flight, one of the airline’s employees tells you the dreadful news: the flight is overbooked and some passengers, including you, will not be able to take the flight this evening.  What to do now?


Overbooking, the main reason why a passenger is denied boarding


Airlines are always trying to maximise their profits and they will try every trick in the book to do so. One of them is, of course, to sell more tickets than the amount of available seats in a flight. They are gambling on the fact that, very often, a passenger does not show up to take the flight. Every now and then, however, every single passenger shows up and they have a big mess on their hands. Their solution is simple: deny boarding to some of the passengers. Don’t despair! The great news is that if you were denied boarding because your flight was overbooked you are entitled to compensation from the airline. So don’t accept those £25 travel vouchers just yet!


Here’s what you have to do in order to facilitate the process of getting your compensation:


  • Keep a copy of all your travel documents, i.e. boarding passes, e-tickets, reservations and, specially if you are given one, the reason for the denied boarding

  • Ask for the reason why you’re being denied boarding

  • Make sure to note that you had all of your travel documents in order and that you reached the boarding gate in time


Most of these documents will be necessary when proving to the airline that you, in fact, held a reservation for the flight. Nevertheless, there are valid reasons for airlines to deny boarding to passengers. Some of these reasons are: health issues of said passenger, problems with the passenger’s travel documents, the passenger is threatening the safe operation of the flight, etc.


In exactly the same way as a cancellation or a delay, compensation for a denied boarding is calculated on the basis of the distance that the flight route covered. Meaning that you can be entitled to up to £532 as compensation for your denied boarding. If you want to find out exactly to how much money you might be entitled to, please fill in your flight details in our claim calculator:


Airline refuses to pay compensation for my denied boarding, what can I do?


There is the possibility that the airline will refuse your claim, even if you are certain that you were denied boarding because your flight was overbooked. What to do now? If you decided to bypass the hassle and have already claimed through Yource, rest assured that we won’t accept an airline’s refusal without the evidence to back it up. Even if it means nagging them until they provide valid proof. If the airline rejected your claim directly, you can always submit your claim with us and send us a copy of the argument the airline has utilised to reject your claim. We will take care of all the rest. You can submit your claim here.

Tell me if I'm entitled to compensation

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