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Come interagire con il reclamo (l'ho già inserito)

By submitting your claim to you have signed a power of attorney authorizing us to act on your behalf. The airline did not respond positively to our demand, but we still believe that you are entitled to compensation. That's why we want to take the next step.

The partner POA we are requesting grants us your authorization to proceed to the next phase. This form allows our lawyers/legal team/external partner to act on your behalf in the court of competent jurisdiction. This is still part of our original 25% “no win, no fee” agreement. This means that you won’t have to pay any additional fees related to the court case.

Our legal efforts are an extension of our work. We believe that you have the right to be compensated and we want to help you claim your compensation. This is still part of our “no win no fee” agreement and you won’t have to pay any additional costs if your case goes to court.

The necessary documents depend on the operating airline and their processing system. We make sure that we do not ask you for unnecessary documents. However, if we have to initiate legal proceedings, we will most likely ask you for additional information. This will vary depending on the court and the place of jurisdiction. That is why we always advise you to keep as many documents as possible, as long as your claim is not closed.

If you no longer have the documents we are requesting, please let us know by email. It is possible that the necessary information can be found on other documents. Our team knows the airlines very well and will be able to guide you. They may be able to find a solution for your case.

Our legal team is familiar with these procedures and does its very best to ensure that your dossier is resolved as quickly as possible. However, we also depend on the reaction time of the airline and the availability in the courts. A court procedure might take longer than expected, but it ensures us the airline will be forced to pay.

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Green Claim era la società madre dei siti,,, Vol-Retardé.fr,,,,, Nel 2019 tutti questi siti, che offrono gli stessi servizi in 9 Paesi e in 6 lingue differenti, sono stati uniti sotto un unico brand globale: Yource.

La missione di Yource? Diventare il punto di riferimento in tutta Europa per i passeggeri aerei, difendendone i diritti e ottenendo per loro il risarcimento previsto dalla legislazione europea in caso di volo in ritardo, cancellato e in overbooking.
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