Important! As of 05/03/2020, Flybe, Europe’s largest regional airline, has gone into administration and has stopped all operations. This may mean that all claims against the airline will not be acknowledged.


If your Flybe flights has ever been delayed or cancelled, you may be entitled to monetary compensation from the airline. You can let Yource handle your claim right from the get go, and skip the whole problem and stress. If you want to first find out, for free and without any commitment, if your route gives you the right to claim for compensation you can use our claim calculator:


Flybe is the biggest independent regional airline in all of Europe. Their two main hubs are located in Manchester and Birmingham. From there they operate thousands of flights. They transport more than 8 million passengers a year and, as any other big European airline, every now and then their flights are disrupted by lengthy delays and cancellations. Even the best can’t avoid them. More often than you would expect, these delays are caused by a fault of the airline itself and in such cases, the passengers affected are entitled to compensation.


When am I entitled to receive compensation if my Flybe flight has been cancelled or delayed?


Registered as a European airline, Flybe must comply with everything that is established in Regulation EC 261/2004. This means that they have to provide compensation when the following circumstances apply:


  • The cause of your delay cannot be interpreted as an extraordinary circumstance

  • You were flying within the European Union or flying from or to a European city

  • Your delay was greater than 3 hours when arriving at your final destination

  • In case of a cancellation, your delay was greater than 2 hours when arriving at your final destination or you didn’t fly at all


Not sure if your flight was delayed or cancelled because an extraordinary circumstance occurred? Just try to assess if the problems faced were caused by a problem that fell under the responsibility of the airline. Events such as thunderstorms, air traffic control restrictions, heavy snow, a volcanic eruption, etc. will be considered an extraordinary circumstance. If you have any more doubts you can always ask our team of claim specialists. They will be more than happy to answer your questions.


How much money can I get as compensation for a Flybe delayed or cancelled flight?


The law establishes how much money (in Euros) you will receive in case you’re entitled to compensation for your flight’s delay or cancellation. The amount is calculated based on the distance that your flight travelled or was supposed to travel. According to Regulation EC 261/2004, if you’ve suffered a delay or cancellation, Flybe will have to pay the following amounts:


  • Up to 1,500 kilometers: grants you a compensation of £221.00* per passenger;

  • Distances between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers: a compensation of £354.00* per passenger;

  • Upwards of 3,500 kilometers: you will receive £532.00* per person.

* Please take into account that the total amount of compensation in GBP may vary depending on the exchange rate at the time of the compensation being paid.


If you want to find out immediately how much compensation you are entitled to, you can use our claim calculator and we will tell you instantly the amount that your route applies for:


What do I need to claim compensation for a Flybe flight delay or cancellation?


Exactly in the same way as with other airlines, in order to be able to prove that you held a ticket to fly on the disrupted flight you will need to present a copy of the following documents:


  • Copy of your e-ticket or booking, preferably with your booking number on it


We can’t advise you enough to keep a copy of your travel documents, especially when you’ve experienced a delay or cancellation. These documents will be useful when claiming and extremely important if legal actions has to be taken. Also remember to always ask for the reason of your delay or cancellation, even if they tell you that it was caused by an extraordinary circumstance. Knowing the reason of your disruption could expedite the process of claiming compensation.


Flybe has already rejected my claim. Can I still get compensation for my flight’s delay or cancellation?


Yes! The airlines very often cite extraordinary circumstances as the cause for the vast majority of their flight cancellations and delays. Frequently, however, we find that their assessments were incorrect and their passengers are, in fact, entitled to compensation. Has your claim already been rejected? No need to worry, while submitting your claim with Yource you can add the airline’s response and we will review and corroborate their arguments and the information provided.

My boarding was denied by Flybe, am I entitled to compensation?


You may be entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation you might be entitled to is calculated exactly in the same way as with flight cancellations and delays. However, when it comes to a case of denied boarding, you will have to make sure to comply with all the airline’s requirements to be able to board a flight. This means: you should’ve had all your travel documents in order; this includes a valid passport, visa, boarding pass, etc. You must have presented yourself on time at the airline’s check in counter in the airport and also at the boarding gate. If you’ve done all of the aforementioned things and you were still denied boarding, then it might be a simple case of a flight being overbooked. In that scenario, you may very well be entitled to compensation.  


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