So it has happened, one of the most uncomfortable experiences of travelling has occurred. Your flight with Turkish Airlines has been delayed or cancelled without you hearing anything from the airline until you reached the airport. These incidents can ruin the travel plans of thousands of passengers. However, there is a silver lining to this huge headache. You may be entitled to compensation for your flight delay or cancellation when travelling with Turkish Airlines.


When am I entitled to compensation for a flight delay or cancellation by Turkish Airlines?


Although other rules may apply, especially when it comes to flight cancellations, generally speaking, these are the circumstances that will grant you the right to claim for compensation while flying with Turkish Airlines. Because Turkish Airlines is not established as a European carrier, the following conditions must be met in order to be entitled to claim for compensation for the delay, cancellation or overbooking of a Turkish Airlines Flight:


  • You were flying from an airport located inside the European Union

  • The length of your delay, when reaching your final destination, was greater than 3 hours

  • In case of a cancellation, the length of your delay when reaching your final destination was greater than 2 hours or you decided not to fly with the airline.


If the airline informed you of your cancellation 14 days or more prior to your departure day, unfortunately, you’re not entitled to compensation. If you are not sure, you can always use our claim calculator and find out almost immediately and free of charge!


When am I not entitled to compensation for a Turkish Airlines delayed or cancelled flight?


Regulation EC 261/2004 establishes that the airlines won’t have to pay compensation if the reason for the flight’s cancellation or delay was an extraordinary circumstance. This includes Turkish Airlines. An extraordinary circumstance should be considered as an event that was totally outside of the airlines’ sphere of control and responsibility. The Regulation lists some examples: air traffic control strike, terrible weather conditions, political unrest, an event that threatens the security of the flight, etc. However, airlines more often than not are very quick to cite just the term extraordinary circumstance when denying compensation to their passengers. So don’t let them get away with not paying you what you are owed. If you want Yource to help you enforce your passenger rights, you can easily submit your claim and we will make absolutely sure to review and corroborate all the excuses and information that the airlines may try to use to get out of paying compensation!


How much money can I receive as compensation for a Turkish Airlines flight delay or cancellation?


The amount of compensation established in the regulation (in Euros) is calculated according to the distance covered by your established route. This takes into account connecting flights and the total amounts are as follows:

  • If the distance of your route consists of up to 1,500 kilometers: this flight grants you a compensation of £221.00* per passenger;

  • Distances between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers: a compensation of £354.00* per passenger;

  • Upwards of 3,500 kilometers: you will receive £532.00* per person.


* Please take into account that the total amount of compensation in GBP may vary depending on the exchange rate at the time of the compensation being paid.


What do I need to file a claim for compensation due to a Turkish Airlines delayed or cancelled flight


Proof that you held a ticket for said flight will be needed. To do so you will need to present a copy of the following documents:


  • Copy of your e-ticket or booking reference

  • Copy of your ID or passport


For this reason we strongly advise to always keep a copy of your travel documents. If you’ve experienced a Turkish Airlines flight delay or cancellation, do not forget to ask the crew why was your flight disrupted. Knowing the cause of your flight’s delay or cancellation will come in incredibly handy when claiming for compensation.


Turkish Airlines denied me boarding to their flight, am I entitled to compensation?


Frequently, airlines sell more seats than the ones that are actually available on their flights. They do so in order to maximise profits and to make sure that every single flight departs as full as possible. This of course means that, very often, there are too many passengers for a flight and therefore someone must be left at the airport. If your flight was overbooked and you are sure that you presented yourself on time to the airport and boarding gate, and also had all your travel documents in order, you may very well be entitled to compensation from Turkish Airlines; just as is the case with flight delays and cancellations.

You can also claim compensation for a missed connecting flight due to a Turkish Airlines flight delay, cancellation or overbooking


Recently, a court ruling determined that if you experienced a disruption while flying from the European Union and said disruption (even if the delay was less than 3 hours) made you miss your connecting flight outside the EU, you also have the right to claim for compensation as long as you arrived with a delay greater than 3 hours at your final destination. We know this sounds very complicated, and it some cases it may be. So If you want to skip all the hassle, you can let Yource handle your claim and we will focus on getting you what you are owed!

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