Claiming compensation for denied boarding

Were you denied boarding? Here’s how you can claim compensation!

Were you denied boarding? That could mean several things: there were more tickets sold than there are seats or something went wrong with your travel documents. Both cases of denied boarding can lead to stressful situations you don’t want to be in right before boarding. But don’t worry, Yource is here to help you to get the care you deserve in case of denied boarding. According to the EU Regulation EC 261/2004 your traveller rights are protected when you were denied on your flight and in several cases of denied boarding you are eligible for receiving compensation up to 600 euros per person. To receive this compensation you need to comply with the following conditions:

Claiming your denied boarding compensation? This is what you should take into account:

You checked in on time presented valid documents
You arrived at the airport on time, checked in at the airline's counter and presented valid documents
You arrived at the boarding gate on time
You arrived at the boarding gate on time and with the valid documents (boarding pass, passport, visas, etc.)
No compensation
You have not received any sort of compensation for not having boarded your plane, such as air miles, cash or credit to be used in any further travels.

How much money do I receive? What's my total denied boarding compensation amount?

€250,- p.p.

Up to 1.500 KM

€400,- p.p.

Between 1.500 - 3.500 KM*

€600,- p.p.

Upwards of 3.500 KM

When the airline pays, we will transfer your 75% share to the account that you provided (or we ask you to transfer the 25% win fee, in case the airline pays directly to you). That's it! The compensation amount you may be eligible to for your flight delay can be € 250,-, € 400,- or € 600,- per person. However, please note that the exact amount may vary based on different circumstances such as the actual length of your delay and the flight route. Please enter your flight details in our claim calculator. * Maximum compensation for flights with a departure destination and destination of arrival within the EU

Not sure if you are entitled to compensation?

Simply fill in the calculator and we will give you advice, always free of charge! Don’t always let the airline tell you that you are not entitled to flight compensation. In our experience we know that you - in many cases - are still entitled! If you have doubts, you can always fill in our claim calculator and add the airline’s reply.

Tell me if I'm entitled to compensation

Claim compensation for your denied boarding in 3 easy steps!

Enter your details in the claim calculator

Check whether you qualify for compensation in our claim calculator!

Submit your flight number and the date of the flight you were unable to board on our website. Our advice is always non-committal and free of charge. You can immediately proceed to submit your claim with us. By answering a few simple questions, your claim will be submitted!
We will get to work

Share your denied boarding details

In our 8 years of experience within the claiming industry, we have built a flight and weather data base. This is the basis for our assessment, also when it's for a denied boarding case. Additionally, our legal department collects relevant court rulings on a daily basis. When you submit your claim we will start working on your case as soon as we can! Within 24 hours you will know whether we believe if you have a valid flight claim and if you’re entitled to compensation. Our services include the drafting of custom-made letters, the overall correspondence with the airlines, as well as actions like a letter of default, the debt collection process included and even if we have to take legal steps. When we take a claim to court, this leads to a payout to the passengers in 98% of the cases. But regardless of the outcome, we cover the legal fees and additional costs. We do whatever it takes! We know this sounds like a lot of work, but no worries: we will take care of this.
Relax and we will make sure to get you your compensation

You can sit back and relax! Once we've succeeded you will receive your compensation as soon as possible!

You can sit back and relax! When we succeed in claiming your compensation you will receive your money as soon as possible! All we ask from you, is a 25% win fee of the total compensation you receive. This includes all costs, even if we have to go to court to claim your compensation. No hidden costs and of course risk free. There you go: you might earn some money from your delayed flight!

Can I still file a claim for a denied boarding situation that happened years ago?

From the booked date of you were denied boarding, you have up to 6 years to receive compensation from the airline in the UK. The concrete number of years is based on the operating carrier’s nationality as well as your flight’s departure and destination. So what are the exact dates?
Country Airlines as an example Years to claim
Belgium Brussels Airlines 1 Year
Poland LOT 1 Year
Italy Alitalia, Blue Panorama 2 Years
The Netherlands KLM, Transavia and Corendon 2 Years
Germany Lufthansa, Eurowings and Germanwings 3 Years
Denmark Atlantic Airways, Danish Air Transport 3 Years
France Air France, HOP!, Aigle Azur 5 Years
Spain Iberia, Volotea, Vueling 5 Years
UK British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair 6 Years