My flight was cancelled

Here’s how you can claim airline compensation for a cancelled flight

A cancelled flight can be the result of bad weather conditions, a strike, a technical defect or a fault in the booking system of the airline. The list of reasons can - unfortunately - go on and on. However, there may actually be a positive side to all these reasons: you are probably entitled to a cancelled flight compensation! Thanks to European regulation, your rights regarding cancelled flights are protected. This means that there might be a compensation up to 532,- pounds (€600.-) waiting for you. Confused what to do? We are here to help! The EU Regulation EC 261/2004 states that passengers are entitled to a compensation when their flight is cancelled depending on the exact reasons for the cancellation. In the event of a cancellation, the airline is always required to offer passengers either a new flight to the destination or a refund for your original airline ticket. So just because the airline offers you a new flight (and/or care), doesn't mean you're no longer entitled to receive financial compensation as a result of your cancelled flight as well.

When am I entitled for compensation for a cancelled flight?

Your replacement flight arrives one hour early or two hours later
You arrived at your final destination with a delay greater than 2 hours compared to the planned time of arrival - or did not arrive at all. In some cases you arrived 1 hour before the planned time of arrival. In most of these cases, you are also entitled for compensation.
Extraordinary circumstances
Dismiss any situations that could have happened outside of the airline's control. Like a volcanic eruption for example. That's what the European Regulation calls an 'extraordinary circumstance', the occurrence of such an event means that the airline is not obliged to pay compensation.
Regulation EC 261/2004
Your airport of departure must be in a European Union member state (whether or not the carrier is also European doesn't matter) or your airport of arrival is in a European member state and you were travelling with a European carrier.

When were you informed of the cancellation?

It's also important to check whether it’s the airline’s responsibility: Don’t always let the airline tell you that you are not entitled to compensation. In many cases you’re still entitled! If you have doubts, you can always fill in our claim calculator and add the airline’s reply.

Moment of cancellation
If you were made aware of the cancellation at least 14 days prior to the scheduled date of departure, sadly, no compensation is due.
Alternative flight
You are eligible if the airline does not offer you an alternative flight. You're also eligible if the alternative flight departs from a different airport than originally scheduled.
Informed of cancellation between 7 and 14 days before departure
If you were informed of the cancellation between 7 and 14 days, you are eligible for flight compensation as long as your alternative flight meets certain requirements. If the flight for example departs more than 2 hours later than scheduled or it arrives more than 4 hours late at its final destination.
Made aware of cancellation <7 days
In case you were informed about your flight cancellation within 7 days of departure, for example at the airport while waiting for you flight to leave, you can claim compensation as long as your new flight departs more than 1 hour before or arrives 2 hours later than originally scheduled.

How much money do I get back? What's my total cancelled flight compensation amount?

€250,- p.p.

Flights up to 1.500 km

€400,- p.p.

Distance between 1.500 and 3.500 KM*

€600,- p.p.

Flights upwards 3.500 KM**

When the airline pays you the compensation, we will transfer your 75% share to the bank account that you provided (or we ask you to transfer the 25% win fee, in case the airline pays directly to you). It's as simple as that! The compensation amount you may be eligible to for your flight cancellation can be € 250,-, € 400,- or € 600,- per person. However, please note that the exact amount may vary based on different circumstances such as the actual length of your delay and the flight route. Please enter your flight details in our claim calculator to get to know the exact amount after filing your claim. * Maximum amount of compensation for flight who departure and arrive within the EU ** With flights of 3500 KM and over, the airline has the right to reduce the compensation with 50%, if the flight was delayed between 3 and 4 hours.

Not sure if you are entitled to compensation?

Simply fill in the calculator and we will give you advice, always free of charge! Don’t always let the airline tell you that you are not entitled to flight compensation. In our experience we know that you - in many cases - are still entitled! If you have doubts, you can always fill in our claim calculator and add the airline’s reply.

Tell me if I'm entitled to compensation

The airline offered me a new flight after a flight cancellation. Does this mean I'm not entitled to compensation?

When your flight is cancelled by the airline, they are required to either offer you a refund for your original ticket or offer you a new flight to your destination. In addition you are probably entitled to compensation if the cancellation was not caused by extraordinary circumstances such as bird strike or a volcanic eruption. So just because your airline offered you a new flight (and/or care), that doesn't mean that you are no longer entitled to compensation! You can still get up to € 600,- per person.

Claim your cancelled flight compensation in 3 easy steps

Enter your details in the claim calculator

Enter your flight details in the claim calculator

Submit your flight number and the flight date of the cancelled flight on our website to check whether you qualify for a cancelled flight compensation. Our advice is always non-committal and free of charge. If your flight passes this check you can proceed to submit your claim with Yource. By answering a few simple questions, you can submit your claim easily and quickly.
We will get to work

Share the details of your cancelled flight

In our 8 years of experience within this delayed and cancelled flight claiming industry, we have built a flight and weather data base. This is the basis for our assessment, also when it's for a denied boarding case. Additionally, our legal department collects relevant court rulings on a daily basis. When you submit your claim we will start working on your case as soon as we can! Within 24 hours you will know whether we believe if you have a valid flight claim and if you’re entitled to compensation. Our services include the drafting of custom-made letters, the overall correspondence with the airlines, as well as actions like a letter of default, the debt collection process included and even if we have to take legal steps. When we take a claim to court, this leads to a payout to the passengers in 98% of the cases. But regardless of the outcome, we cover the legal fees and additional costs. We do whatever it takes! We know this sounds like a lot of work, but no worries: we will take care of this.
You will receive compensation for your cancelled flight!

You will receive compensation for your cancelled flight!

You can sit back and relax! If we succeed in claiming your compensation you will receive your money as soon as possible! All we ask from you, is a 25% win fee of the total compensation you receive. This includes all costs, even if we have to go to court to claim your compensation. No hidden costs and of course risk free. There you go: you might earn some money from your cancelled flight.

My flight was cancelled. How long can I wait to file a claim for airline compensation?

If you want to submit a claim for your cancelled flight, you have the right to do so for up to 6 years in many cases! From the booked date of your delayed flight’s departure, you have up to 6 years to receive compensation from an airline in the UK. The concrete number of years is based on the operating carrier’s nationality as well as your flight’s departure and destination. So what are the exact dates? The graph below clarifies.
Country Airlines as an example Years to claim
Belgium Brussels Airlines 1 year
Poland LOT 1 year
Italy Alitalia, Blue Panorama, Air Italy 2 years
The Netherlands KLM, Transavia, Corendon 2 years
Germany Lufthansa, Eurowings, Germanwings 3 years
Denmark Atlantic Airways, Danish Air Transport 3 years
France Air France, HOP!, Aigle Azur 5 years
Spain Iberia, Volotea, Vueling 5 years
UK British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair 6 years