You’re about to leave or return from holidays, visit family or friends, or make a business trip when you learn that your flight got cancelled. Obviously this causes a lot of stress, anger and frustration. Not to fret, we’re here to help you. First of all, it’s good to know that the airline must offer you an alternative flight or, worst case scenario, provide you with a refund of your original ticket. Additionally, you are entitled to meals and accommodation if necessary, for example if you have to wait overnight for your next flight. However, that’s not all. According to Regulation EC 261/2004 you are also entitled to compensation depending on the exact reasons why your flight was cancelled.


How much compensation are you entitled to if your flight was cancelled?


In case your flight was cancelled, the amount you can receive is calculated on the amount of kilometers between your airport of departure and arrival:


  • For flights up to 1,500 kilometers: you can get £221*

  • For routes between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers: a compensation of £354* per person is applicable

  • For flights over 3,500 kilometers with a delay of at least 4 hours, you are entitled to £532* If you arrived at your final destination between 3 and 4 hours later than scheduled, the airline is allowed to reduce the compensation by 50% to a total of £266*


* Please take into account that the total amount of compensation in GBP may vary depending on the exchange rate at the time of the compensation being paid.


Flight cancellation: what are the conditions for claiming compensation?


Your flight itinerary.


To claim compensation according to the EU legislation your itinerary must comply with the following:

  • If your flight was operated by a European carrier, the plane must take off or land at a European airport;

  • If a non-European airline operated the flight, you must depart from a European airport.


When you were informed of the cancellation of your flight


  • If you were made aware of your flight cancellation at least 14 days prior to the scheduled date of departure, unfortunately, no compensation is due


  • If this happened between 7 and 14 days, you are still eligible for compensation as long as your alternative flight meets certain requirements. Namely, your new flight must depart at least 2 hours before your originally booked flight and/or arrive 4 hours later than planned.


  • In case you were briefed within 7 days of departure, for example at the airport while waiting for your flight to leave, you can claim compensation as long as your new flight departs more than 1 hour before and/or arrives 2 hours later than originally scheduled.


The airline’s responsibility


Another important factor for claiming compensation for a cancelled flight is if the airline can be held accountable for the flight’s cancellation. There are situations, like adverse weather conditions, an unruly passenger or air traffic control strike, that might cause a flight to get cancelled. These events are considered ‘extraordinary circumstances’ since the airline has no influence over such an incident from happening, they cannot be held liable for then having to cancel their flight. Nevertheless, there are also occasions in which the airline can and should be held responsible for a flight’s cancellation; e.g. due to a technical fault, operational issues or a lack of available crew. Something else to keep in mind is that airlines try to get out of paying compensation as much as possible. They might then state that your flight got cancelled because of an ‘extraordinary circumstance’, while this wasn’t so. That’s where we come in. Thanks to our databases we are able to verify the true reasons why your flight got cancelled.


Timeline for claiming compensation


In the United Kingdom, you have up to 6 years to submit your claim for a cancelled flight. Please note that court proceedings, if necessary, should be initiated within this timeframe. If you file your claim too late, you might risk that this won’t get settled before the 6 year deadline.


How to claim compensation for your flight’s cancellation?


Before filing a claim, it’s important that you’re prepared and have all of the necessary documents in check. Think along the lines of your e-ticket, booking confirmation, boarding pass and, also very crucial in this case, a document stating why your flight got cancelled. While not all airlines provide you with such a proof, it can be rather helpful if you did receive one. You will probably also need the following documents. We can’t recommend enough to always keep a copy of these after you’ve completed your travels:


  • Copy of your Identification Document or Passport

  • Copy of your E-Ticket, reservation (PNR / Reservation number) or itinerary

  • Copy of your boarding pass


If your flight meets the basic requirements as stipulated by European Regulation, you can submit a claim with the airline. As they might then reject your claim you can also think about taking further steps like submitting this with the enforcing authorities and, very often, even going to court.

On the other hand, why not take the weight off of your shoulders and let us handle the claim for you. With more than 100 team members at your service, over 7 years’ experience and the professional know-how, we will work hard to get you the compensation as soon as possible. Do we have to take legal steps for your claim? No worries, we’ll cover any and all legal costs we might incur in the future. Best of all, we only charge a win fee if we get you the compensation that you are entitled to when suffering a flight cancellation.

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