Passengers receive unsigned checks from Ryanair


Several passengers, who were entitled to compensation due to problems with their flight, have received payment of said compensation in the form of a cheque. However, the document has arrived without a signature and therefore the passengers have not been able to deposit or exchange it for the cash that corresponds to them .


Compensation for strikes by pilots and cabin crew of Ryanair


The airline's latest gaffe comes after hundreds of its pilots, from different countries, and its cabin crew go on strike because of their dissatisfaction with their working conditions. The airline has said it will not pay compensation for flights that had to be cancelled due to the strikes that took place in late July and early August. However, several consumer organisations have already stated that they consider that the airline should actually pay compensation to its passengers.



Months waiting to be compensated for their delayed flight


A Twitter user has expressed concern about the problems with his cheque. He believes that after having had to scuffle with Ryanair in order to get the airline to accept his claim, it will now take months again before they replace the void check.


On Facebook, a user wrote on the airline's page that their bank has rejected the check and therefore he has incurred in extra costs. The user said that he had to pay 32 euros for the inconvenience and hopes that Ryanair will also cover his expenses in their new cheque.


Without a doubt Ryanair's customer service has been very busy over the summer. If you need help with your claim process, or if the airline has already denied your claim, Yource is here to help. Submit your complaint with us and we will get to work as soon as possible. We'll take care of everything. Our 25% fee will only apply once we have won your compensation.